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A Secure Platform for Cryptocurrency Investment

Multi global leaders is a fortune 1500 investment firm and cardinal platform where we trade CFDs commodities and stock exchange. We hire the best traders to serve you better and with our firm we put the power of the bank in the hands of anyone who acquires an account, invest with us today and let your money do all the work.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our staff, our understanding of finacial operations, and a continued focus on process improvement.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a secure, guaranteed-returns investment platform, who work in collaboration with their clients to offer excellence in strategic financial management.

The Future

We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Based Around A Global Community Network

We are a dynamic group whose main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible service, and we work on the medium of exchange to finance transactions and control the aims to offer the investors more than the norm,We apply a systematic and quantitative approach to investment management, with the aim of generating high-quality and diversifying alpha for its clients’ portfolios.

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Forex And Trading

Growing very fast in popularity in recent years, Cryptocurrencies have become the go-to investment option for many,with an ever-growing selection of cryptos added to the platform ,offering balanced exposure and managed by MGL’s expert investment committee,MGL presents many options for those who wish to trade and invest in the crypto market .

Investment Planning

We believe that persistent inefficiencies in the capital markets present opportunities for risk-adjusted return. At MGL we look to harness this potential through our global quantitative investment capability. Our team of over 20 specialists have developed a comprehensive range of clear rules-based approaches to generate systematic performance for our clients from equities, fixed income and derivatives.

Real Estate Management

We are one of the largest real estate managers globally committed to sustainably investment and innovative solutions for clients, with over 100 real estate professionals in 12 locations worldwide, out scale drives credibility and deal flow. In return, we can offer clients a comprehensive end-to-end service throughout the market cycle,spanning the real estate risk spectrum and value.


Agriculture is a low-risk investment that keeps pace with inflation and increases in value over the long-term. Investment in agriculture is a tangible asset that provides benefit to the community, adding that it can diversify the investor’s portfolio.


These things make us different


High ROI

We offer you the best returns on your investments.


Guaranteed Returns

We value your trust, therefore we ensure our part of the contract is always met.


24/7 Live Support

Need clarifications or need to make enquiries, our support agents are always available.


Safe & Transparent

Rest assured, your transactions and accounts are secured with elite encryption algorithms.


We've got one for everyone

$250 - $4999
Savers Plan

8% Weekly ROI

5% Referral

  • 1
  • 6
  • Month
  • Months
$5000 - $19999
Advanced Plan

14% Weekly ROI

7% Referral

  • 1
  • 3
  • Month
  • Months
$20000 - $49999
Professional Plan

18% Weekly ROI

7% Referral

  • 1
  • 3
  • Month
  • Months
Veterans Plan

24% Weekly ROI

8% Referral

  • 1
  • 3
  • Month
  • Months
2 Months


10% Weekly ROI

  • 8
  • Weeks
6 Months


14% Weekly ROI

  • 24
  • Weeks
1 Year


17% Weekly ROI

  • 48
  • Weeks
Our Senior Management

Meet Our Executive Team


Oliver Robert Hoffmonkey

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Richardson

Marketing Manager

William Arthur Lawrence

Communications Manager

Harrison Christopher

Finacial Manager
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Here are some sweet things our users have to say :)

Amelia Paul - Store Owner

“Need a trusted platform with guaranteed returns, MGL it is.”

Ella Frederick - Designer

“It took a lot of courage to hit the invest button, but that was a choice I'd never regret.”

James Mason - Freelancer

“MGL made me make the best use of my money and made me free from financial issues”

Fred Hoffman - Engineer

“Always wanted a trusted platform to help me save, invest and put my spare money to good use, MGL came through”

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